At AIFG, we search the world to bring food service solutions to our customers across the United States.

From tuna plucked from the waters off Vietnam

to the sweetest pineapple grown in Thailand,

our AIFG team serves the nation’s top food service clients

providing them with turnkey solutions to all their food service needs.

Our procurement experts source the season’s best

from around the world, including Asia, Africa, and South America.

Waves White Waves Fish Fish Fish
Happy Pineapple
Globe Continent Push Pin Push Pin Push Pin

A phone call away, an experienced AIFG rep builds a custom order.

Processed and packed according to the FDA’s strictest standards

goods are readied for import to the US.

The AIFG logistics team is working 24/7

Three Boxes Three Boxes
Dock Road

moving goods, crossing oceans, headed for our East Coast headquarters

to join a growing collection of marquee brands ready for redistribution and processing.


AIFG operates a SQF-certified factory on premise

Funnel Funnel Conveyor Belt

for custom spice blending and private label manufacture.

Smiling Truck 3x2 Boxes Forklift Lift Forklift Body

Once an order is confirmed, mixed pallets are loaded onto FTL and LTL trucks

and shipped to food service distribution clients all over the country.

Thin Road

The next morning the process begins again

Thin Road Thin Road

as satisfied AIFG clients all over the country

unpack their orders for shipment to their clients.

Thin Road

AIFG’s redistribution team ships full and mixed truckloads of time sensitive or in-stock product to food service distributors

that ultimately receive a lower cost of freight and higher reliability than if they were buying and warehousing the items themselves.

Blue Factory

AIFG is on the move. We’re adding new suppliers expanding our capabilities, and opening new markets.

Road Sunrise

Watch us grow.

Atlantic International Food Group Text

Industry-Leading Branded Redistribution

AIFG purchases qualified truckload-quantity products from marquee companies and then repacks them into full truckload shipments of consolidated varied SKUs of product to be shipped to across the country to our distributor clients, resulting in a lower cost of freight and a higher reliability of slow moving or time sensitive in-stock product.

Our Services

AIFG offers best-in-class branded redistribution for food service clients across the United States. In addition to their assortment of marquee brands, AIFG stocks a wide assortment of own-label brands that solve a variety of food-service needs. Additionally, AIFG operates an SQF-certified factory on premise, for custom spice blending and private label manufacture.

Our Marquee Brands

Many of the country’s most well-known and beloved brands are on the AIFG roster. From San Pellegrino Water to Ocean Spray, AIFG maintains an inventory of more than 2000 marquee SKUs which are available to ship from their East Coast warehouse.
Ocean Spray Domino Mott's Ben's Original Equal Goya S.Pellegrino Poland Spring